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A quick introduction to Pytest

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pytest is a python package where we write automated tests for our coded project. The reason we write tests for our code is to ensure the code runs the way we want. Writing automated tests can also make the process of testing our code easier, faster and more consistent. We

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daniel bourke

The Easy Way to Host Hobby Projects

Reading Time: 8 minutes I’ve had this article topic for a while now and what sparked me to write it was the tweet from one of my idols below: If I’ve got computer A in one room and computer B in another room, both on the same network. What’s the best way to execute

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ali abdaal

My TubeStats App (ft. Ali Abdaal)

Reading Time: 7 minutes With over 100 million views and one million subscribers, Ali Abdaal is definitely one to advise on building a successful YouTube channel. Besides his advice to aspiring YouTuber to start today, he also preaches about consistency. And that is where the motivation of this app derives. The question: how consistent

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Cannabis in treating Glaucoma

Cannabis: An Unconventional Way To Treat Sight-threatening Glaucoma?

Reading Time: 12 minutes When you have colourful friends, an occupation like mine, combined with a late night dinner conversation, the question is inevitable: can Cannabis (Taru rauhae) be used as a form of treatment for glaucoma (papahewa)? Below is a video that summaries the topic: According to Blind Low Vision New Zealand, glaucoma

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Glaucoma: how it causes blindness and how it is treated

Reading Time: 15 minutes Glaucoma (Papahewa) ranks as the second most cause of blindness in Kiwis over the age of 65 (Blind Low Vision New Zealand, n.d.). For any individual, blindness is debilitating (Vuletić et al., 2016). There is a significant loss of independence, where you lose the ability to drive, enjoy television and

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How I created a Twitter bot to help my career as an Optometrist

Reading Time: 8 minutes All projects start with inspiration and pain. My inspiration came from a stint doing #100DaysOfCode. The pain, on the other hand, came from having no consistent centralised feed of new information for optometrists. #100DaysOfCode in its name describes exactly what you have to do: a commitment to code for one

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Map of New Zealand

How a walk up Mt Maunganui leads to creating a map of New Zealand

Reading Time: 9 minutes Map_of_NZ_using_Geo_Markers Inspiration for this project began earlier this month. I was on a small family holiday in Mt. Maunganui. Of the many activites to do, we embarked on climbing Mauao). At the summit, not only are your welcomed by a stunning view of the beachside township, but a tall out-of-place

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5 Tips to a Happier Holidays – Optometrist’s perspective

Reading Time: 5 minutes The holidays are fast approaching. Kiwis, it’s time to escape the make-shift home office (thanks to this pandemic) and enjoy a domestic holiday (also, thanks to this pandemic). Whether that be sunbathing on a Kiwi beach, surrounding yourself in Kiwi nature, or even relaxing in your Kiwi house, it is

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