Optometry is the union between a care of vision and providing a specialised service.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • help improve the awareness of optometry and eyecare
  • guide optometrists and other professionals to a life of fulfillment

On here are a wide set of topics, including those catered to other optometrists such as my career in optometry, personal finance, lifestyle and more.

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About Me

My name is Shivan Sivakumaran and I am an Optometrist. I have a diverse range of interests which include:

  • writing,
  • photography,
  • designing,
  • marketing,
  • computer programming with Python,
  • designing web sites.

I have been living in Christchurch since I graduated. Being Palmerston North born-and-bred and having lived in Auckland during my degree, Christchurch combines the best of these two locations and has become my new home.

I completed my degree, Bachelor of Optometry (Hons), at the University of Auckland in 2016.

My intrigues in Optometry include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Low vision
  • Specialty contact lenses
  • Ocular diseases

I hold a TPA endorsement and I undertook further education through the Australian College of Optometry obtaining an Advanced Certificate in Glaucoma in 2018. Subsequently, I am a Board-Approved Independent Optometrist Glaucoma Prescriber.

I have interest in specialty contact lenses for treatment of keratoconus, and myopia control through orthokeratology.

I work in private practice as well as with the Canterbury District Health Board as an Low Vision Optometrist.

Optometry is the union between a care of vision and providing a specialised service. This can be done by providing reassurance from a routine eye examination and thorough explanation of important eye health to recommending a highly accurate prescription and treatment of eye diseases.


Outside of the professional realm my recreational pursuits include:

  • skiing,
  • reading books and listening to podcasts about productivity, self-help and business,
  • I am also a part of an Olympic weightlifting club, Christchurch City Weightlifting.
Shivan Sivakumaran
One of my hobbies is Olympic Weightlifting. Here I am representing Christchurch City Weightlifting at a club competition.