How You Can Learn Everyday

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Everyday, the journey of life is learning, and is your ticket!

In our careers, we are measured by our flexibility.

What was: work one job for your entire life. Just then: you work for different companies with the same job title. Now, we have many different careers throughout our lifetime. Often, we will hold an inventory of differing skill sets.

Thanks to the internet and online learning, we are able to learn new skills. One of those learning platforms is

In, there are different courses that can teach you important skills for your career. This can range from programming to managing people to design skills.

If you are a member of Christchurch Libraries, you get a free membership to What a Gem!

One thing that offers is learning paths. A learning path relates to a single topic. For example, here is one on writing. offers learning paths to keep you focused on a particular skill

You can only do one learning path at a time. You hopefully are more inclined to finish one course to a proficient level before moving on.

This stops you from chasing novelty by starting one course, stopping it at the first sign of boredom, and then giving into a small dopamine hit but starting something new.

If you are eligible for free membership, I’d encourage you to check it out.

When you learn, you can’t stop with just the input. You must apply what you have learnt. You use it or teach others. This ensure what you have learnt will stick without being slowly forgotten.

This is a short blog, so I hope you found this useful. Please comment below your experience with learning online. All you need to do is a little bit every single day.

I have no affiliation with I just want you to grow!

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