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Daniel Bourke

My First Data Project: Exploring Daniel Bourke’s Youtube Channel (Part 1)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Well-groomed mullet, check. Sick physique, check. Familiar ‘Straya twang, check. Daniel Bourke is an aspiring machine learning engineer and content creator. If you check out his about page, the born-and-bred Queenslander’s reach is spread wide on many publishing and online learning platforms related to the area of machine learning. I

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How Writing Benefits You, How to Get Started and Keep Going

Reading Time: 6 minutes Writing is a useful skill. Effective communication requires good writing. This benefits the readers but also benefits the writer in the long term. To become better at writing can be challenging. Questions you might ask yourself are: why should I write? What can I write about? And how do I

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Finance Money

Putting it Together: Step 8 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 5 minutes You can follow the steps here for financial security. But you are a human and you live beyond rules and a spreadsheet. Here are the steps again. Following are philosophies about personal finances. Steps to Financial Security Step #1: The Budget Step #2: The System Step #3: The Emergency Fund

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Navigate Insurance: Step 7 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 5 minutes Insurance takes unfortunate situations in our life and makes it affordable. You’ve been busy building up your financial security: the budget working system, topped-up emergency fund, dropped debt. And you’ve also looked into: KiwiSaver, and investing. The next step is insurance, cementing your financial security. We will cover why insurance

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Investing Optometrist

Simple Investing: Step 6 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 8 minutes Investing is using money to make more money. Money made or return can further your financial security. After you have dealt with: Budget System Emergency Fund Debt KiwiSaver Let’s look into the option of investing. After reading this, you will see the reasons you should consider investing. We will also

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Kiwisaver King: Step 5 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 8 minutes Setting up your KiwiSaver is the easiest way to improve your financial security. If you have been following the series so far, you would have: an organised budget a secure system an excellent emergency fund, and demolished debts Time now to become a KiwiSaver king. By the end of this

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Dealing Debt: Step 4 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 6 minutes Dealing with debt is an important for financial security. By now: Your budget is set up Your system is running Your emergency fund is stocked up Now, we turn our attention to debt. If you have no debts, good on you! Please continue to read on because there where the

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Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund: Step 3 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 4 minutes The emergency fund is the foundation of your financial security. Before we continue, make sure you have read my previous posts on: Creating a budget: the first step Setting up a system This post will look into the emergency fund. Financial security requires an emergency fund. Without it, your finances

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Budgeting Optometrist

The System: Step 2 of 8 to Financial Security

Reading Time: 4 minutes Creating a system that is automated is the next step to freeing up you finances. In my last post, we looked into creating a budget and why this is an important first step. We also went through an example budget walkthrough. After finding out what is leftover after paying all

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