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Thesis Wordcloud Project

Reading Time: 7 minutes We will be generating a wordcloud of their thesis… well not their thesis because we have to protect their privacy, but we are going to use something similar.

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How You Can Learn Everyday

Reading Time: 2 minutes Everyday, the journey of life is learning, and is your ticket! In our careers, we are measured by our flexibility. What was: work one job for your entire life. Just then: you work for different companies with the same job title. Now, we have many different careers throughout our

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Bias Lighting

Looking After Your Eyes When Coding

Reading Time: 6 minutes For most, the three most important parts of your body when it comes to programming are our fingers, brain and eyes. Out of these three I want to focus on the eyes. Fingers interface with the computer and our brains solve the actual problems, but our eyes and vision is

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Remember Everything You Read

Reading Time: 3 minutes My guru and longtime secret lover, Ali Abdaal released a video on how to remember what he has read. Reading (non-fiction) is an important part of our personal development. Years of someone’s experience is condensed into a book which can be devoured in days or weeks (or even months in

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No change

How to Serve More When There is “No Change”

Reading Time: 3 minutes “No change” is normally received as good news. Practitioner can breathe a sigh of relief delivering good news. The patient can walk away happy know their eyes are health and prescription stable. But is this satisfactory? What more can we do to better serve our patients? Well, here are some

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My Programming Learning Pathway (In Progress)

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’m going to be embarking on a journey. Learning Python. For data science and machine learning, potentially. If you are too, I want you to join me on my intended learning pathway. At the time of writing, I’m still working through it. And it involves reading through three books: Automate

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Daniel Bourke

My First Data Project: Exploring Daniel Bourke’s Youtube Channel (Part 1)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Well-groomed mullet, check. Sick physique, check. Familiar ‘Straya twang, check. Daniel Bourke is an aspiring machine learning engineer and content creator. If you check out his about page, the born-and-bred Queenslander’s reach is spread wide on many publishing and online learning platforms related to the area of machine learning. I

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How Writing Benefits You, How to Get Started and Keep Going

Reading Time: 6 minutes Writing is a useful skill. Effective communication requires good writing. This benefits the readers but also benefits the writer in the long term. To become better at writing can be challenging. Questions you might ask yourself are: why should I write? What can I write about? And how do I

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