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Career choice

The 3 P’s to Help with Your Career Choice

Reading Time: 6 minutes I recently came across a YouTube video by Justin Sung (video at the end of this post) about how one should consider their passion, purpose, and personality when it comes to choosing the right career path.  Using these 3 P’s made me think about the details regarding how well-fitted or

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COVID-19 Alert Level 2: A Week so far in the Optometry Clinic

Reading Time: 4 minutes Moving into alert level 3 from level 4 was arguable the best news Kiwis have received in the last few weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Possibly better was what happened at 11:59 pm on the 13th of May 2020, when New Zealand moved from alert level 3 down to level

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Indoor Plant Peace Lily

One Thing to Improve Your Living Space

Reading Time: 7 minutes It goes without a doubt that the time we spend indoors is increasing. Technology has allowed us to remain connected with our loved ones across the globe from the very comfort of our home. We no longer need to venture outside to find entertainment if it is as easy as

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Alert level 3

Alert Level 3 COVID-19: A Week So Far

Reading Time: 5 minutes The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted the traditional flow of the optometry clinic, along with how businesses are run in the entirety of New Zealand. The effects of this global pandemic have been unprecedented. Alert level 4 saw significant restrictions on how businesses could be conducted with only essential services

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When to know if a purchase is right?

Reading Time: 9 minutes At face value, a good purchase is a simple trade of money for a service or good. Unfortunately, making the right purchase is never as simple. Purchasing is a display of the complex human decision-making process, involving the logical and emotional sides that will often be in harmony with each

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The Truth of Blue Light

Blue Light and your Eye Health

Reading Time: 16 minutes Portals to our world. A way of staying connected, entertained, and educated. Digital devices — Smartphones, tablets, and computers — are now the centre of our lives (Mullan & Chatzitheochari, 2019). The world is changing. Combined with this change is a surge in health awareness and prevention of disease. We

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Infection Control

A Simple Guide to Infection Control in the Optometry Practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes Infection control is a vital pillar in reducing the spread of contagious diseases in Optometry practices. Since patients and practitioners are in close proximity, there is a high potential for the transfer of contagious diseases. Infection control aims to reduce the spread of infections like the common cold, especially in

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