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Presbyopia meaning

Presbyopia is a condition where the eye has difficulty focusing up close for to perform near tasks such as looking at message on a smartphone or reading a book.

When does Presbyopia start

Presbyopia is a normal sign of aging and usually begins in the ages of 40 onward.

How to correct Presbyopia

A number of methods can be used to correct for presbyopia. These include:

  1. Single-focus Reading glasses
  2. Variable-focus Progressive Lenses
  3. Contact Lenses

Presbyopia contact lenses

Different strategies can be utilised to correct for presbyopia using contact lenses. These include:

  1. Setting one eye for distance and one eye for reading – known as monovision or blended vision
  2. Using multifocal contact lenses
  3. Wearing reading glasses over the top of existing contact lenses

What reading glasses strength

Having a full eye examination with your local Optometrist is the best way to get the required reading glasses strength for your eyes.

At the eye exam, the Optometrist will able to assess two important factors:

  1. your distance prescription
  2. your lifestyle – work and hobbies performed

Both are important to determine your reading glasses strength. The distance prescription relates to the numbers directly. Work and hobbies can determine the distances you work at with these particular tasks, which affect the strength required.

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