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About Me

My name is Shivan Sivakumaran and I am an Optometrist. I completed my degree, Bachelor of Optometry (Hons), at the University of Auckland in 2016.

My belief is that optometry is the union between a care of vision and the provision of a service. This can be done by providing reassurance from a routine eye examination and thorough explanation of important eye health to recommending a highly accurate prescription and treatment of eye diseases.

On here are a diverse set of topics, including those catered to other optometrists such as my career in optometry, personal finance, lifestyle and more. 

There is also information on here for the public to improve public knowledge about optometry and eye health.

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Thesis Wordcloud Project

Reading Time: 7 minutes We will be generating a wordcloud of their thesis… well not their thesis because we have to protect their privacy, but we are going to use something similar.

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How You Can Learn Everyday

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Remember Everything You Read

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